03.- 06. September 2020
Stormen Library

Sunday 09.september


What is ContaKids?

By working with the body, movement and physical contact, parents and children develop a new, physical form of communication, which is enjoyable for both; children enhance and improve their motor skills and self-confidence and parents develop a sense of trust in their child and themselves. Contakids is a methodology that pushes the idea of using physical contact. By working with bodily movements, the child can enhance their motor skills and self-confidence, while the parents get to develop a bond of trust with their young as well as skills on how to take care of their own body in the physical play with their child. Everybody is welcome, you don`t need any special skills to join a ContaKids class.

The workshop is led by Mari Angell-Petersen Grønnesby. Mari is a dancer and teacher, and works at Steinkjer Kulturskole teaching dance and movement for children. She is also a freelance dancer doing different projects. She took the ContaKids teacher training in 2017, in Maastricht, Netherlands.

ContaKids is a consept which is growing in popularity across the world. It is developed by dancer and contact improv teacher Itay Yatuv. He developed ContaKids through physical play with his own kids using his skills in contact improvisation.

Workshop for children aged 2-5 years

Sign up by email: info.baredans@gmail.com

Let us know in the email which time you would like to attend and how many you are. 

Storgata 1A, Bodø
Phone: 75 55 61 00


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