02. - 08. september 2024


Would you like to be a volunteer?

Do you want to volunteer at Bodø Biennale and create a festival experience out of the ordinary, for the audience, artists, and partners?  Then you are most welcome to the team!

As a volunteer, you will partake in creating festival atmosphere during a unique art biennale that spans dance art and visual art. Whether you love art and culture or just want to get to know the festival and the team, we want to hear from you! You will get new experience, competence, meet new acquaintances and you will be an important part of the festival team.  We have several tasks to choose from and hope you find something that suits you and your commitment: 

We need assistance with: 

  • Security on various events
  • Registration and ticket control
  • Transport
  • Artist Host
  • Exhibition Assistant
  • Technical Assistant
  • Simple rigging, tidying, and carrying
  • Practical Tasks
  • Promoting and marketing:
    Information to the public, photography, web, Facebook, and Instagram

We allocate tasks to the volunteers' wishes as far as possible.

What does it take to be a volunteer? We do not require any special prerequisites. What we want however is that you:

  • have a strong desire to contribute to creating a wonderful Art Festival
  • have a desire to experience the festival from the inside
  • are not afraid to chip in where it is needed
  • have reached 18 years of age before the festival starts (01. September 2022)
  • speak Norwegian and possibly English

What do you gain from volunteering for us?

Many of our events are free, and some performances require a ticket. You get free entry on the events that require a ticket, if seats are available.
  • Food and drink during long sessions
  • Participate a reception opening night
  • A lot of great experiences
  • To meet a lot of nice people, artists and culture
  •  References for your CV, if you wish

Our expectations for you as a volunteer are that you are a good representative as the festival's face to the outside world for the audience, artists, and partners. Also, you will meet to the agreed times and perform your assigned tasks with a welcoming and helpful smile. A dose of flexibility and creativity is also great in case changes happen along the way. 

Report your interest at post@bodobiennale.no