03.- 06. September 2020
Stormen Concert Hall

Friday 07. September

18:30 - 19:25

The world consists mostly of people I won't meet. Apartments I don't visit, books I never read, mountains I don't climb and events I'm missing out on. Potential events are like backdrops for actual events. Experiences to be had and knowledge to know about, that I opt out because of time, space, interest, and ignorance

I miss out on almost everything.

Hus forbi is a mysterious and playful dance performance about sharing and dividing space. About how what we see, hear and experience relates to what we don't and how we fill in the gaps between them. Accessible, inaccessible and indirectly accessible events are mixed in a choreographical and scenographical game that invites the audience's imagination to move to the other side of the apparent. The performance first premiered in 2013 and will be reworked for a new premiere in 2018.

Choreographer: Eivind Seljeseth

Dancers: Ingrid Haakstad, Iselin Borgan, Matias Rønningen, Julie Moviken and Sebastian Biong

Dramaturge: André Eiermann

Sound designer: Erik Hedin

Light designer: Chrisander Brun

The re-working of Hus forbi is supported by: Arts Council Norway, The Audio and Visual Fund, FFUK, Kristiansand municipality, Vest-Agder county and Cultiva express.

Co-produced by: Ravnedans and Kilden teater og konserthus.

The production in 2013 was supported by Arts Council Norway, The Audio and Visual Fund and FFUK. 

Co-produced by: Dansens Hus, Oslo

Storgata 1B, Bodø
Tlf:  75 54 90 00


The 2018 festival is over