03.- 06. September 2020
Workshop with dramaturg Thomas Schaupp (DE)
Stormen Library

Saturday 08. September
Sunday 09. September

13:15 - 16:15
12:30 - 15:30

Choreographing Dramaturgy - An Introduction into the Practice of Dance Dramaturgy

Together with Dansearena nord we have the pleasure of inviting you to at two-day workshop with dramaturg Thomas Schaupp.

Dramaturgy could be defined as the evolution of ideas through time and the compositional, cohesive, or sense-making aspects of a performance. Above that, Dramaturgy could also be understood as a collaborative practice that interlinks and contextualizes the art work with its audience, and so on.

This Workshop wants to introduce and reflect on different approaches to the dramaturgical. We will focus on skills that are involved in the practice of dance dramaturgy, and that are of special
relevance for Choreographers: dramaturgical feedback and dramaturgical analysis. The former entails the skill to engage in a productive dialogue about artistic work, practice and research, whereas the latter entails a dramaturgical mode of looking at and (de-)composing dance works. What are dance works made of and what do they entail - on a contentual as well as structural level?

Open for all: Performing artists, visual artists, pedagogues, producers and more.

E-mail for registration: nanna@dansearenanord.no
Mark the e-mail: Workshop Thomas Schaupp
Limited amount of participants!

Price: 300,-NOK per person for both days. Payment by invoice after registration.

Language: English

Photo: Christina Stivali

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