03.- 06. September 2020
Groove | Marianne Kjærsund

Saturday 05 Sept

Ticket sale from 10 August

Rhythm exists in our bodies: in the breath, in the heartbeat and in our everyday movements. “Groove” is a dance performance, but also a live concert made by it´s six performers. Five contemporary dancers and a drummer takes a dive into their intuitive and immediate expressions that unfold when rhythm is the main theme. Everyone plays and everyone moves. The performance is motivated by different feelings of “swing” and how it can travel, in an individual, through the collective group and into the dance-space. The project evolved from a shared enthusiasm around learning to play the drums, and from a common love for rythmical music and it´s power to move and connect people. Groove travels on tour around the country to meet an audience of all ages and different backgrounds, and invites to an energetic music-and dance-experience, in the context of local community houses and schools.


Godtemplarhuset, Storgata 56

ca. 45 min.

For all

150,- ordinary;100,- moderation/student; 50,- child/youth up to 19 years old.

Tickets at 14.00: (after 10th August)
Tickets at 19.30: (after 10th August)

Idea and concept:
Marianne Kjærsund

Music and sound:
Elisabeth Nesset

Elisabeth Nesset, Maja Roel, Gry Bech-Hanssen, Pernille Holden, Katja Schia and Marianne Kjærsund

Tatjana Andreeva

Katja Schia

Simen Dieserud Thornquist

Funded by:
Berg Municipality, Kråkeslottet on Senja, UL. Breidablikk, Arts Council Norway Fri
scenekunst - dans, Arts Council Norway Bestillingsverk og komposisjon, Fond for lyd og bilde,
Fond for utøvende kunstnere and Dansearena nord

For Bodø Biennale funded by:
Arts Council Norway, Nordland County and DKS Nordland County Council.