03.- 06. September 2020
Moving landscapes | Landing
Bodø Centre

Thursday 03 - Sunday 06 Sept

unannounced hours

Moving landscapes is a site and situation specific event by and with Landing. It is realized with five dancers and almost 1000 meters of thick vines made of textile. Inspired by external landscapes (nature) and interior landscapes (bodies), the vines provide associations with intestines, forests and seaweed. The dancers create different tableaux that slowly change, like a landscape eroding, building or sinking, and at the same time they establish situations where the distinction between practitioners, scenography, audiences and place melt together.

Landing by Venke Marie Sortland, Sigrid Kopperdal and Ida Gudbrandsen

Choreography and performance:
Loan Ha, Rikke Baewert, Pernille Holden, Sigrid Kopperdal, Venke Marie Sortland, Ida Gudbrandsen

Scenography and costumes: 
Camilla Wexels Riser

Costume stitch:
Hedda Simonsen Lund

Tom Øverlie

Supported by:
Arts Council Norway, The Audio and Visual Fund, Fund for Performing Artists, Oslo Municipality

For Bodø Biennale supported by:
Arts Council Norway, Fund for Performing Artists, Nordland County

More info:
Landing: landing.no