03.- 06. September 2020
Nororoca | Carte Blanche
Stormen Concert Hall

Friday 04. Sept


In her hometown of Rio de Janeiro, the award-winning Brazilian dance artist Lia Rodrigues is an active, cultural force. She started her own dance company, which tours the world, established the dance festival Panorama and founded Centro de Artes da Maré – an art and culture centre in the favela of Rio.

Nororoca is directly inspired by Rodrigues’ production Pororoca from 2009.
The word 'pororoca’ stems from the Tupian word «poro’rog», which is a powerful tidal phenomenon that occurs where saltwater meets freshwater at the mouth of the Amazon River. The process leading up to the premiere started in the Maré favela, one of Rio’s biggest slums, where the Carte Blanche dancers met Lia for the first time. Rodrigues sees art as a medium for expressing opinions and as a choreographer she explores human relationships and group dynamics. 

With great presence and a bit of humor, the dancers take the stage. The result is an intense and hypnotic energy bomb of a performance that puts the dance front and center.

60 min.

Stormen Concert Hall

For all

280,- ordinary; 180,- moderation/student; 60,- child/youth up til 19 years old.

at www.stormen.no

Lia Rodrigues

Choreography assistant:
Amália Lima

Nicolas Boudier

Caroline Eckly
Noam Eidelman Shatil
Irene Vesterhus Theisen
Anne Lise Pettersen Rønne
Guro Rimeslåtten
Ole Martin Meland
Mathias Stoltenberg
Timothy Bartlett
Daniel Mariblanca
Dawid Lorenc
Adrian Bartczak
Max Makowski
Nadege Kubwayo
Lin Van Kaam

Helge Hansen

Thanks from Lia Rodrigues to:
everyone at Escola Livre de Dança da Maré, everyone at Centro de Artes da Maré/Rio de Janeiro, Redes da Maré/Rio de Janeiro, Sammi Landweer, Silvia Soter, Therese Barbanel and the dancers who took part in the creation of ‘Pororoca’ i 2009:  Amália Lima, Allyson Amaral, Ana Paula Kamozaki, Leonardo Nunes, Clarissa Rego, Carolina Campos, Thais Galliac, Volmir Cordeiro, Priscilla Maia, Calixto Neto, Lidia Laranjeira, Jamil Cardoso.

Stormen Concert Hall