02. - 08. september 2024

Friday 2 September


Alter Ego is a multidisciplinary collaborative project that connects design and dance, where the students at KDA (Art, Design and Architecture) and Bodø vgs. (dance department) have been tasked to explore an alternative identity. The performance is a hybrid between a fashion show and a dance performance when the focus balances between the individual and the collective. The students have worked together with the designer Fredrik Tjærandsen and choreographer Mathilde Caeyers.
The project is part of the initiative BB UNG, where Bodø Biennale facilitates and contributes to developing young people's creative and performing work with dance, visual art and cross-artistic expressions, in close interaction with professional artists.

FREDRIK TJÆRANDSEN's practise focuses on performance, motion and the body in relation to the space around it. Tjærandsen (b. 1995) is a Norwegian artist and designer based in London. His upbringing in rural Norway is a source of inspiration for his design practice, and local traditions and family history are incredibly important to his work. Trained in visual art and fashion, Fredrik’s design process is artistic, intuitive, and emotional: he is drawn to working with visuals that captivate his emotions or feelings in that moment.

MATHILDE CAEYERS (b. 1994) is a Norwegian/Belgian dancer and choreographer based in Tromsø, Norway. Since graduating with a Bachelor in dance from The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts she has created four performances exploring themes like free will, time, autonomy and consciousness. Currently she is working on a science-fiction trilogy, questioning the highly technological development we are currently experiencing. Mathilde also works in close collaboration with installation art, where it both affects, and is affected by, dance. A common feature within her work is that the dividing line between fiction and reality is blurred, creating a sort of surrealist realism on stage.

Friday 2 September

19:30 (doors open at 19:00)

Svømmehallen Scene

max. 45 min. 

For all

Adult: 100,-
Senior: 50,- 
Student: 50,-
Children and youth 6-18 years: 50,-
Children 0-5 years: free

Ticketlink to Svømmenhallen Scene


Idea and concept:
Fredrik Tjærandsen and Mathilde Caeyers

With and by students from:
Art, Design and Architecture, Bodin Secondary School
Media and communication, Bodin Secondary School
Music, dance and drama, Bodø Secondary School

A new production commissioned by Bodø Biennale

In collaboration with:
Bodø Secodary School and Bodin Secondary School 

Supported by:
DKS Nordland, Samfunnsløftet, Arts Council Norway, Bodø municipality, Bodø 2024