01.- 04. September 2022
If I were standing in your shoes | Pei-Han Lin

torsdag 1. – søndag 4. september

The human desire for self-centeredness and power seems to be embodied at its worst in the leaders of nations that historically held themselves as superior over others. Powerful rulers frequently find reason to coerce and dominate the identities of underprivileged ethnic groups within their realm, resulting in the identity of the underprivileged ethnic group being forcefully pruned by rulers. One of the only lines between the actions of such nations and the actions of creatures in the animal kingdom is that of morality, as within the animal kingdom it is so often a free-for-all, with no sense of compassion or empathy in sight. Morality could be the one redeeming factor for humankind and its multitude of nation-building attempts.

Using our compassion, we could deconstruct this colonial history. Colonization is not over, though people now have a clearer vision toward its demise. This raises an important question, however: If there is already a vision of how decolonization should happen, how could art interfere with this vision, to shred the concept and reconstruct it as new?


Pei-Han Lin’s research-based works contain painting, moving images, sculpture, installation, sound, and text. In her practice, Lin explores the colonial structures, politics of information production, and image-making. She combines analog and digital data forensics, and site-specific installations to question places we are sharing together and times we are living in. 

Her methodologies initiate from thinking about empathy and include social anthropology, interview-based formats, computation, and 3d printing.

She has a BA in architecture design and a MA in Fine art. She has exhibited in Tromsø Kunstforening, K-U-K (Trondheim), KODE 4 (Bergen), Cultural places (Vienna), A R T • 9 (Hong Kong), The InsideOut gallery (Sacramento, CA) etc. Originally from Taipei (TW), Lin is now based in Trondheim (NO).


Om prosjektet:
Bodø Biennale har invitert Mastergradsstudenter (med uteksaminering vår 2022) ved Kunstakademiet i Tromsø til å delta med kunstprosjekter.

Oppdraget skal gi nyutdannete kunstnerne mulighet til fordypning i egen praksis og gi relevant profesjonell erfaring iht kunstproduksjon og arenaoppdrag. Gjennom en Open Call ble følgende to prosjekter valgt ut: Pei-Han Lin «If I were standing in your shoes» og Hakkyung Son «Colour – the memory of sadism”

Oppdraget er en videreføring av kunstprosjektet «Avtrykk – Arenaoppdrag Nord-Norge» i samarbeid mellom SE KUNST og Kunstakademiet i Tromsø 2014-2015.


torsdag 1. – søndag 4. september


Galleri Bodøgaard, Skeiddalen 2A, 8070 Bodø



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