03.- 06. September 2020
Open Biennale-pub - Bådin brewery

Thursday 06. September

19:00 - 22:00

After the official opening of Bodø Biennale and the art walk we invite you to an informal reception and opening party at Bådin brewery. In the bar there will be a great selection of Bådins beers, as well as a limited selection of wine, mineral water and snack. 

There will also be sale of food from a food truck during the event. 
Open for all, no registration. Entry : 18 years minimun. 

Bådin is Bodøs local beer brewery, and have had several top posisions in summer- and christmas beer tests, as well as winning the nordic brewery cup Bryggeribråk. 

Read more about the opening and art walk here. 

Bådin brewery
Tolder Holmers vei 6, 8003 Bodø
Tlf:  922 37 807


The 2018 festival is over