02. - 08. september 2024
A written tour of Governmental operations
Stormen Library

Thursday 1 - Sunday 4 September

Welcome to the installation A written tour of Governmental operations

Written tour of Nora Joung's exhibition during the Bodø Biennale - an installation by Professor Ellen Sæthre-McGuirk.

Nora Joung's sound piece Governmental operations is based on court documents from the witch trials in Norway's northernmost counties, where the Danish-Norwegian state apparatus accused 135 people over a period of almost a century and executed 91. In this exhibition at Stormen art, Joung will exhibit a speech choir based on the prosecution's proceedings and the accused's own words. In this written tour event, we invite the public to follow a series of texts with written, art historical, cultural, and artistc reflections related to Governmental operations. The texts are placed around the Stormen library and illuminate Joung's work in different ways, in addition to relating to the library's book collection. The written tour invites the public both to explore the exhibition Talekor, but also to immerse themselves in the literature available in the library.

The written tour starts at the entrance to Joung's exhibition at Stormen art. Here you will also find a map showing the way to the other posts in the installation.
The installation event is available during Stormen library's opening hours from September 1.-4., 2022.

ELLEN MARIE SÆTHRE-MCGUIRK is professor of art and design education at Nord University, Bodø. She has previously been Director at the Rogaland Art Museum in Stavanger (2001-2007) and Centre Leader and Head of Research at the Norwegian Center for Art and Culture in Education (2007-2011), and she has been curator of art of public art projects such as in Bodø municipality's new town hall and at the Stormen library and concert hall. 

She also has particular expertise in modern and contemporary art, art history and philosophical aesthetics, visual art in formal and non-formal learning arenas, and digital tools and digital transformation in the art and culture sector as well as in higher education. Sæthre-McGuirk's latest publications are the book "Making Things and Teaching the Creative Arts in the Post-Digital Era: Seeing and Experiencing the Self and the Object through a Digital Interface" (Routledge, 2022) and the chapter "Who draws?" in the book "Digital and analog drawing" (Nasjonalmuseet/Museumsforlaget, 2022).

Thursday 1. - Sunday 4. september

during the library's opening hours

Stormen library


Bodø Biennale in collaboration with Stormen kunst/dájdda

Stormen library