02. - 08. september 2024

Friday 2 and Thursday 3 September

various times

HOOP is a hope circle 

A performative togetherness

A prayer to the gods of performance and an action to remind ourselves we are distant but together. 


HOOP is a collaboration between Roza Moshtaghi and De Naive, a choreographic intervention aimed at people and places in public spaces. HOOP creates a performative togetherness where repetitive moments occur, and then dissolves. The work relates to the object hoop, both as a tool and common activity between the performers.

Every time HOOP visits a new place, it is created and performed by new people. The group unity is strong, and together they perform a movement material that accumulates in different environments. 

Stay where you are, HOOP is coming for you!

About the object hula hoop
Native American Hoop Dance is a storytelling dance incorporating hoops as props. Hoop/circle is an important symbol for many cultures throughout the world. In recent western history around 1950,  ¨hooping¨ was introduced as a toy or a prop to get fit and therefore become part of pop culture and normalized.

ROZA MOSHTAGI is an Iranian artist who lives and works in Oslo. Her creations often are situated within the performing arts field as a choreographer/dancer and performer. Her works deal with the unexplained narratives of desire generated in the process of adapting or reacting to systems/structures. The ordinary, or rather what we have forced inside the uniform of the ordinary, is Roza's playground. She looks for possibilities to hypothesize "the hidden" by digging into the ordinary as a silent landscape.

DE NAIVE is a collaboration between Oslo based dance artists Harald Beharie, Julie Moviken and Charlott Utzig. In a hybrid interdisciplinary landscape De Naive works in a continuous site-oriented performative practice. From commissioned works for museums and galleries, performative actions, performances in public spaces and into cyberspace, the group's work manifests itself in multiple constellations and formats. De Naive is a state of being, oscillating between deconstruction and construction, optimism and doubt, apathy and affect. The group's practice has developed through a mode of "doing", both as a creative structure, strategy and bodily method. In the void between the pathetic and the useless, they search for the potential to expose the vulnerable and profound moments.  

Friday 2 - Saturday 3 September

Different times

Different locations

For all


Concept and choreography:
De Naive & Roza Moshtaghi

Roza Moshtaghi, Julie Moviken, Charlott Utzig, Trine Lise Moe

Morten Arnfred