02. - 08. september 2024
Artist talk | Ingeborg Annie Lindahl

Sunday 4 September


This too shall pass by artist Ingeborg Annie Lindahl consists of a landscape drawing in chalk on wall panels as well as black painted canvases on the floor in the gym studio Rapida Balanse in Bodø. The work can be experienced through participation in the collective training sessions during the biennale weekend, or during the studio’s opening hours (apart from the group sessions). Traces of the participants' movements are left in the canvases.

Departing from the artistic practice and this new work commissioned for the Bodø Biennale, this conversation with Hilde Methi, one of the curators of the work, will discuss how humans evaluate fluidity and permanence - in art as well as in our relationship with nature. How do people leave their mark? What governs our movement patterns in an age characterized by short-term solutions rather than long-term thinking?

INGEBORG ANNIE LINDAHL (b. 1981) lives and works in Harstad, Northern Norway. She is educated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Tromsø (2010) and the Academy of Fine Arts in Bergen (2012). Lindahl develops site-reponsive installations in various media, often large-scale chalk drawings and installations. Chalk gives associations to geology, biology and epistemology. 

Lindahl's work is in many ways performative, and she depicts the landscape in a romantic and dramatic way. She is also interested in echoes – the landscape of the human sphere of thought, and explores culture and value in relation to nature. Lindahl has completed a number of exhibitions and commissions at home and abroad. In 2022 she has a solo exhibition at the Kunstbanken Hedmark kunstsenter and new work for the National Gallery's opening exhibition.

Sunday 4 September

14:00 - 14:30

Rapida Balanse, group studio
(Sjøgata 6, 2. etasje)

30 min.


Hilde Methi (co-curator)


Bodø Biennale

In collaboration with:
Rapida Balanse

Ingeborg Annie Lindahl

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