02. - 08. september 2024
This too shall pass | Ingeborg Annie Lindahl

Saturday 3 - Sunday 4 September

pilates classes, various times

At the training studio Rapida Balanse, artist Ingeborg Annie Lindahl transforms the group studio with her art installation This too shall pass. Here, Bodø Biennale invites the audience to participate in Pilates classes, where the audience leave traces of their own movements in art.

This too shall pass consists of black-painted canvases on the floor and a chalk drawing on the wall, with a motif of the island of Landegode (outside Bodø). The monumental chalk drawing is mounted on panels covering the windows. On the opposite side, in the mirrored wall, the viewers see themselves together with their own reflection. Individual and collective movements intertwine in a depicted landscape. As the title suggests, the work is temporary, and it is constantly changing during the exhibition period. The chalk powder, which is handed out at the entrance, can be used by the public to create prints in the canvases.

Using chalk, the artist addresses questions related to the condition and behavior of people in relation to nature. How do people evaluate duration? Chalk is a porous rock, geology, which points to deep, planetary time. Traces and prints of chalk in the canvases on the floor draw a line to prehistoric art, such as petroglyphs, as well as to current discussions around footprints due to climate change. What governs our patterns of movement in a capitalist society characterized by short-term solutions rather than long-term perspectives? In This too shall pass, the fleeting moment meets the long time horizons.

What is pilates?
Pilates is preventive training for strength and mobility, posture, and body awareness. Pilates focuses on the abdominal muscles (the core), which give the back better flexibility and strength, as well as the rest of the body freedom and mobility. The main goal in Pilates is to get a body that moves without effort - a body in balance!

In addition to training strength, it improves your:
- lung capacity
- flexibility in joints and muscles 
- the deep-lying stabilizing muscles

INGEBORG ANNIE LINDAHL (b. 1981) Lindahl develops site-specific installations in various media, and often works with large-scale chalk drawings and installations. In her work, excursions and personal experience become temporary chalk drawings and large-scale installations. Chalk associates itself with geology, biology and epistemology. It is at once permanent and enduring, fragile and waning, and manifests changes in how knowledge emerges and the constant transformation of nature, often influenced by humans.

Lindahl's work is in many ways performance-based, where she depicts the landscape in a romantic and dramatic way. Her material underpins a manifestation of change, both in how knowledge is created and how nature is constantly changing. Lindahl is interested in the echo landscape of the human sphere of thought, and explores culture and value in our time in relation to nature.

Lindahl was among the first students at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tromsø, and has a master's degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bergen. She has completed a number of exhibitions and commissions at home and abroad. Among other things, Lindahl currently has a solo exhibition at the Kunstbanken at Hedmark Art Center and a new work for the National Gallery's opening exhibition in 2022. Lindahl lives and works in Harstad.


Date pilates sessions (35 min), registration/drop-in:
- Saturday 3 September: 12:00; 13:00; 14:00; 15:00
- Sunday 4 September: 10:00; 11:00; 12:00; 13:00

It is possible to view the art installation outside the pilates sessions and the artist talk during the following hours (no registration):
- Saturday: 11:00 - 12:00; 15:35 - 18:00
- Sunday:  09:00 -10:00; 14:30 - 15:00
- 20 min. between the group sessions (.35 - .55)

Rapida Balanse (group studio Storm), Sjøgata 6, 8006 Bodø

Registration pilates sessions:
- Send your Name and preferred time for pilates session to post@rapida.no
- Drop-in is possible without registration

- A pilates instructor will lead a pilates class of 35 min.
- Everyone is wellcome to participate, you do not need any experience. 
- Bring flexible clothes, which tolerate chalk dust. Training shoes are not needed.  
- Meet up 5 min. before each class.
- Sessions are free for all. You do not need to be a Rapida member.
- See the website for info on the training studio Rapida Balanse


Free (you do not need to be a Rapida member)

Curatorial team:
Hilde Methi (freelance curator) & Elise Cosme Hoedemakers (curator/producer SE KUNST)

Bodø Biennale

In collaboration with:
Rapida Balanse

Supported by:
Troms & Finnmark County Council

Ingeborg Annie Lindahl

An artist talk with Ingeborg Annie Lindahl will take place Sunday 4 September at 14:00 in Rapida Balanse.