02. - 08. september 2024
Made of Stone | Skade Henriksen and Annelen Røe
Bodø Art Association

Friday 2 September - Sunday 16 October

The duo exhibition Made of Stone by visual artists Skade Henriksen and Annelen Røe will be shown in Bodø Kunstforening. Thematically, the exhibition deals with mining and material utilization in the northern part of Norway, a theme they have both worked with for several years.The minerals pyrite and graphite have been the focus of the projects. With the former mining community Sulitjelma and the mineral pyrite as a starting point, Røe puts the spotlight on the long-term ripple effects that mining can have on the environment and on humans.

Henriksen focuses on a mine in Senja that is in full operation, with a planned extraction of minerals 60 years ahead. The mine extracts graphite, which can be used for drawing but is also an invaluable part of new technology in connection with the green shift.

Both Annelen and Skade are interested in combining an analytical perspective with a poetic language. There is a boundary between the poetic and the scientific method, the threshold between representation and fragmentation of the landscape, but also a belief in art’s potential to open up a space where fiction and reality merge. In the exhibition, we will thematicize the changes in both the inner and outer landscape in connection with the utilization of mineral resources

ANNELEN RØE (b.1989) lives and works as a visual artist in Oslo and she has a Master’s degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bergen. In her artistic work, she explores the boundaries between fictional and documentary practice. She often works across media such as drawing, painting, video and text, but it is mainly an exploration of photography that is central to Røe’s artistic practice. Røe is interested in questions about representation and the position of photography in the art field and also in society in general. More specifically she examines and questions the authority of photography and its tendency to influence collective and personal memory.

SKADE HENRIKSEN  (b. 1988, Finnmark/Norway) works with drawing, photography, sculpture and installation. Her work ranges from drawing in the traditional sense with graphite on paper; to large scale sculptural installations. Henriksen experiences that her work lies on the threshold between the flat surface and the multifaceted way of working with installation. Henriksen combines the poetic with a semi-scientific approach to artistic research. With her background as a research technician she often uses scientific instruments or recordings to inform her work. Landscape is a recurring theme in her artistic practice. Skade Henriksen holds a master's degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bergen.

Installasjonsbilde/ Installation Skade Henriksen. Foto: Oda Bremnes

Installasjonsbilde/Installation Annelen Røe. Foto: Jane Sverdrupsen

Friday 2 September - Sunday  16 October

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Annelen Røe and Skade Henriksen

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